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After terrorist attacks reshaped the world in which she lived, an orphaned Julianna Brenner was taken to live in the Scholars Compound. When Guardian Costma, the leader of the New Regime, summons her to assign a new project, Julianna has serious objections to the nature of the project. She devises a plan to get out of the Scholars Compound and live a life of her own making.  Will she be able to find freedom she seeks? Or will the truths she learns be too much to handle?

Reader Reviews

Hunger Games and Divergent fans are going to love this book. The story was so well written that you can almost believe it can come true. - Mary

What a great story! Frauli imbues her main characters, Julianna and Declan, with traits that make them lovable, yet human. They have doubts, as we all do, but they turn to their loved ones for guidance and support. - R. Weber

Absolutely loved this book, in fact, I was speed-reading by halfway through, dying to find out what happens next! Julianna and Declan are brilliant teens living in the Scholars Compound. It's a world nothing like ours - both inside the compound out! It is fascinating to learn about their life in the compound and then a nail-biter to see if they will be able to escape! From there, things get even more suspenseful as Julianna and Declan navigate the "outside" world with the New Regime trying to follow their trail. Reading about this resourceful duo and their experiences was certainly entertaining! - Kathleen

About Me

Kim Frauli lives on a farm in rural Illinois with her husband, three children, and a menagerie of animals. She spent several years in marketing and communications for non-profit organizations, including serving as editor-in-chief of a hospital’s health magazine. She took a break from full-time work to focus on family and volunteer work and became involved in education. She has served as a PTO president, board of education member, reading tutor and youth sports coach, in addition to chairing various events.